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Where The Fun Lives!

Your Landings Tennis and Pickleball Association

The Landings Tennis Pickleball Association enhances the social experience of the Landings and to help make Landings tennis the best in Florida.  Simply stated, we put the fun in Landings Tennis and Pickleball, both on and off the courts! 
Our motto says it all:  LTPA is Where the Fun Lives!

 We help make tennis friends.  We host a number of social and special events throughout the season, which builds fellowship within the Landings tennis and pickleball community.   The LTPA is a 501c7 Social Organization with an elected Board and welcomes additional volunteers to plan and host events, parties and activities throughout the season. 

 We work closely with the Landings Tennis Director and their Staff and the Landings General Manager in meeting the objectives of the overall Tennis experience at the Landings.  Our LTPA President is a standing member of the Landings Tennis Committee.   Here is a link to a video by Tony Roemer that highlights Tennis at The Landings.

The LTPA is one of the largest social organizations of its kind in the United States. Our membership is well over 400.  Our mission is to build fellowship and spirit in Landings Tennis both on and off the courts.

We welcome LTPA members to become involved in the LTPA.  But, fair warning: you are going to have fun!  We love having new folks join in our planning and hosting of events and activities.

A LTA Trust and LTA Trust board for capital funding opportunities was established in 2013.  The LTA Trust is a separate entity and is not the same as the Landings Tennis and Pickleball Association.  Since the mid 1980's LTPA has contributed well over $650,000 towards projects and improvements in The Landings.  The LTA Trust Board consists of Co-Chairs Alan Woodford and Jim Willis (Past LTPA President), and Sandy Mohlman (Current LTPA President).  The Trust works closely with the LTPA Board, the Tennis Director and all LT{A members in addressing needs and opportunities to enhance the Tennis experience.

The Landings Tennis Association (LTA) is a 501c7 Social Club Entity located in the Landings Yacht, Golf and Tennis Club at 4420 Flagship Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33919.

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